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Italian Football League—Serie A is a tournament that appeals to football fans worldwide. It is regularly broadcast on major television channels, attracting millions of viewers. Let’s learn more about this football tournament with 55bmw ph.

What is the Italian Football League?

We learn about Serie A – Italian national championship. This is a long-standing football playground established in 1898, and has become a destination for millions of football fans. With a 90-year history, Serie A has gone through an impressive development journey, starting as a simple tournament then becoming a professional stadium and attracting millions of fans.

Here, fans will witness player performances and memorable moments. This place is home to many famous Italian football teams and has attracted great attention from global football fans. Serie A is home to many excellent and famous players with a long history, fierce competition on the field, and global influence.

Italian football matches

Italian football Serie A is the playground of the top 20 teams going through a series of exciting and dramatic rounds. However, in the tournament’s history, there have been changes in the number of participating teams. Specifically, in the 1947/1948 season, the number of participating teams was 21, but from the 2004/2005 season onwards, Serie A only received the participation of 16 or 18 teams.

Serie A’s match schedule usually lasts from August to May of the following year. Each season, Serie A is divided into two essential rounds: the andata round and the ritorno round:

The andata round is the first stage of each season, where each team will face all 19 remaining teams. So in total, the Andata Round has 190 matches, taking place continuously for 19 weeks. Each week there will be 10 matches, promising to bring fans different emotions.

The ritorno round is the season’s second stage, which maintains the same order of play as the andata round. However, this Round differs because the teams will change between playing at home and away. Once again, 190 matches were held over 19 consecutive weeks, bringing exciting and tactical matches.

Competition format

Starting from the 1994/1995 season, Serie A’s scoring system was set out in an obvious way: The winning team would get 3 points, the two tied teams would each receive 1 point, and the losing team would not receive 1 point. is there any point? After two rounds have taken place, the season results will decide the teams as follows:

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The top four teams in the Serie A group will be eligible to participate directly in the Champions League Cup group stage.

The two teams ranked 5th and 6th will be able to participate in the Europa League.

The three teams at the bottom of the Serie A table will have to play in Serie B next season.

The top two teams in Serie B will be promoted to Serie A the following season.

In addition, the team ranked 3rd to 8th in Serie B will receive one promotion spot to Serie A. In the play-off round, the winning team will receive the final spot to participate in Serie A.

From the 2005/2006 season onwards, if two or more teams have the same score, the ranking will be determined based on priority order: head-to-head results and goal difference in direct matches. Next, the overall goal difference, number of goals scored, if the final ranking cannot be determined, the organizing committee will decide through drawing lots.

Outstanding advantages

The Italian league, especially the Serie A league, has many outstanding advantages that make this league attract a lot of attention and fans from the global football community:

High Quality

Serie A is the playground of many of the world’s top superstar players. This is also the convergence of football stars with excellent personal techniques, from talented young people to experienced players.

Highly competitive

The Italian football league is always very competitive. Not every season is easy to produce a top team, which makes the tournament attractive and challenging to predict.

Long history

Italian football has a long history of success and failure, enriching its value and appeal.

Top-notch competition tactics

The teams of the Italian football league are often famous for their tight tactical attack and excellent defense, which creates exciting matches.

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